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Oerlikon Saurer Allma Product Line

Leonhardstrasse 19
ZIP Code

P.T. Jabar Mulia Engineering
Unit C, 31st Fl, Cyber 2 Tower
12950 Jakarta / Indonesia
+ 62-21-525 12 09
+ 62-21-571 24 84

Company Profile:
competence in twisting
Allma Product Line is part of Oerlikon Saurer, a business unit in the textile segment of the globally successful technology group OC Oerlikon. With groundbreaking technological innovations, Oerlikon Saurer is the leading international supplier of top-performing twisting and cabling systems.
Through close cooperation with customers, Oerlikon Saurer, Allma Product Line, understands their requirements and is able to offer optimum solutions to meet the demands of tire cord and technical yarn manufacturers.
In the presentation, Oerlikon Saurer, Allma Product Line, will inform you about the latest technologies and innovations, focusing on our new two-for-one twisting machine Allma TC2 for very high flexibility and productivity in technical yarn processing, our award-winning direct cabling machine Allma CC4 for processing high-quality 2-ply tire cord, and our flexible Allma CC3 for the production of high-quality 1- to 3-ply tire cord.

Allma cabling and twisting systems make you fit for the future and open up new markets in the field of technical textiles and tire cord

What we offer:
Allma CC3
High performance cabling and twisting machine with ultimate flexibility for the production of 1- to 3-ply tire cord and industrial yarns

Allma CC4
Award-winning direct cabling machine, the energy-saving miracle for the production of balanced high quality 2-ply tire cord

Allma TC2
Two-for-one twisting machine for all technical yarns made of single and multiple yarns for opening up new markets

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Mr Armin Geigle

Regional Sales Director

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When & Where

April 16-17, 2013, Jakarta:

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Jalan Lapangan
Banteng Selatan,
P.O.Box 1329,
Jakarta 10710 - Indonesia


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