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Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH

Hans-Voshaar-Str. 5
ZIP Code

P.T. Agansa Primatama
Kopo Plaza Blok D-19
Jl. Peta - Lingkar Selatan
P.O. Box 1155
RI - Bandung 40233
contact: Mr. Andreas S. Pangestu
Tel.: 0062-22-60 70 718
Fax: 0062-22-60 70 728

Company Profile:
Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH, located in Neuenhaus in the North West of Germany, is head office of the Neuenhauser Group of Companies.

More than 2600 members of staff in various highly specialized companies provide
professional and innovative machinery and customized solutions worldwide.

Neuenhauser’s department transport automation is responsible for automatic package removal, transportation, palletizing and boxing. The batch winder department is in charge of any kind of winding applications.

Sohler-Neuenhauser is handling the roving bobbin transport systems as well as the travelling cleaner in spinning as well as in weaving mills.

Both companies are leading manufacturers for solutions in OpenEnd, Ring-Spinning and Weaving Mills.

Transport Automation Solutions in Spinning Mills

What we offer:
Neuenhauser offers a wide range of standard and individual customized solutions in fully as well as in semi automatic package removal systems with package handling, palletizing and boxing.

Packages which are autimatically transported by the internal OpenEnd or Winder conveyor belt to the Neuenhauser transport system, can be transported either to a central palletzing system or directly be palletized in front of the production machines.

Transfer of packages to a boxing cell is also available.

Pallet transport and handling systems are also avaialble, by means pallets manually or automatically be fed via conveyor lines to conditioning system with later automatically weighing, stretch wrappring and labeleing.

What we are looking for:
Customers with the request to automomize the package palletizing, boxing and box palletizing.

Customers with the request to handle pallets through conditioning with pallet or box weighing, stretch wrapping, labling.

  • Textile machinery
    • [search] Spinning machinery and accessories
  • Textile production
    • [search] spinning mill
    • [search] weaving mill


Mr Richard Borgers

Head of Transport Automation

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When & Where

April 16-17, 2013, Jakarta:

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Jalan Lapangan
Banteng Selatan,
P.O.Box 1329,
Jakarta 10710 - Indonesia


Free shuttle bus service

Free shuttle bus service for visitors from/to Bandung
Please reserve your seat through API bandung: Ms. Linda Novianti, Tel. 02 26 12 27 03 / 612 27 06 see page 2 of the conference magazine for details
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